As someone who works in an office in Glasgow and as someone who loves food, I’m practically on a mission to find healthy, tasty and non-expensive lunch options near my office. And Glasgow City Centre certainly has a lot of choice when it comes to food options. So here are my Top 10 of where to eat if you want something tasty and inexpensive during your lunch break. Note, the list is not in any specific order, all of those places are fantastic and lunch there will be under a tenner!



I have so much love for this little places. They do freshly made Japanese street food – think Katsu Curries, Teriyaki or Asian-inspired chicken salad, all for around £6. Absolutely no surprise that come lunchtime the place is packed and there is a queue outside of the door.

  • Location: Bothwell street, close to central station
  • Try: The Pork Katsu Curry or grab a Chicken Salad (for a healthier option) from the fridge.
  • Cost: £5.50 – £5.80.





Martha’s aim is to serve healthy fast food and they have been doing that for a good few years. I remember going to their opening night and sampling some of their delicious offerings, some of which you can still try today. They have delicious seasonal smoothies, salads, wraps, soups and meal boxes.

  • Location: St. Vincent Street
  • Try: The Chipotle Chicken Wrap
  • Cost: £5 – £8.

Riverhill Café




Not only do they do the best coffee in town, but they also have a vast selection for the hungry folk during breakfast or lunch. With a fantastic selection of wraps and sandwiches, seasonal soups and mouth-watering cakes, it will be hard not to find something delicious to eat there.

  • Location: Gordon Street
  • Try: The Cuban sandwich or the Chicken Shawarma Wrap
  • Cost: ~£6


I love Phillpots for their fantastic salad bar, which is also probably the best one I’ve seen in Glasgow so far. They also have a large selection of sandwich fillings for delicious freshly made sandwiches, made-to-order stir-fries, baked potatoes and even a selection of roasts. There is little you won’t find there.

  • Location: Bothwell Street
  • Try: The roast beef salad
  • Cost: £2 – £6

Where the Monkey Sleeps

With two locations in the city centre, Where the Monkey Sleeps is a great spot for freshly made sandwiches, soups, stews and salads. Their warming stews and soups are perfect for winter, and their sandwiches come with a delicious potato salad that I can’t get enough of!

  • Location: West Regent Street or Argyle Street
  • Try: Any of the fresh stews for a hearty option or the Caesar salad for a healthy one!
  • Cost: ~£6





A newer ‘kid’ on the block, Temaki has been around for almost a year now and I’m still as excited about it as I was when it first opened in Glasgow. They serve Japanese food, and specialise in Sushi Burritos (nom!). So I love Sushi, I strongly recommend giving this place a try.

  • Location: Hope Street;
  • Try: The Salmon Avocado Sushi Burrito
  • Cost: Lunch options for around £6, Sushi Burritos around £9

Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

Babu serve really delicious Indian food perfect for a more indulgent lunch break. Their home-made curries, freshly made wraps and delicious Mango Lassi are sure to excite your taste buds!

  • Location: West Regent Street;
  • Try: The Butter Chicken Curry;
  • Cost: ~£6


Piece offer delicious sandwiches and salads which are made to order, as well as a selection of seasonal soups. Their menu is full of delicious options which are more exciting than your usual ham & cheese sandwich. With 5 locations around Glasgow, and 3 located in the City Centre, you will never be bored by their fantastic selection of food!

  • Location: West Regent Street; Miller Street; Albion Street
  • Try: Bhan Mi sandwich
  • Cost: ~£6

Social Bite

For the conscious foodies, I recommend trying Social Bite. They offer delicious soups, warm meals, sandwiches and salads in their two city centre shops (they also have shops in Edinburgh and Aberdeen). The best thing is that they are not-for-profit and all their profits go to initiatives helping homeless people in Scotland.

  • Location: Bothwell Street, St Vincent Street
  • Try: Their delicious soups;
  • Cost: ~£5

Gordon Street Coffee

Located in Glasgow’s Central Station, Gordon Street Café offers hot meals and sandwiches and a good choice of vegan cake options. The busy coffee shop serves delicious coffee and a good variety of teas as well.

  • Location: Gordon Street (inside Central Station)
  • Try: Mac & Cheese
  • Cost: ~£5