I’ve decided that on weeks where I end up eating out a fair bit, it might be nice to do a little food diary where I can share with you the places I’ve visited, what I had and whether I will be rushing back anytime soon. I love doing food reviews but often I don’t feel like I’ve tried enough of a place’s menu to do a fair judgement of it. So I ended up thinking of this shorter way to share my thoughts about the places I visited in about a paragraph and perhaps offer some helpful advice to those of you who are looking for somewhere to eat out in Glasgow!

So here we go with my first ever Glasgow Food Diary for the 2nd week of January – 8th – 14th. We’ve been eating out a bit much this week so I thought it would be a good week to feature in my ‘food diary’.

Tuesday (9 January)

Modified pizza number 5

I’m skipping Monday as we had some tasty food at home. But on Tuesday night we ended up going to the cinema and my other half and I met after work to grab a bite beforehand. As it was an impromptu evening out, we wanted something quick, tasty, simple and inexpensive. I’ve been eyeing up Paesano’s special from the week before and I may have overdone talking about how tasty they all sound so… my other half suggested that we go there for a quick bite. And off we went to Paesano Miller Street. I had the Number 5 (sugo, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, mozzarella) – without the mushrooms and ‘upgraded’ buffalo mozzarella; while M had the Number 4 (sugo, spicy salami, mozzarella) with added chilli and Paesano’s special Carolina Reaper Chilli Oil. He definitely likes his food hot…

Overall cost: £23 (including a drink each), with two good sized pizzas – it was very good value for money. Will we be back again? Definitely!

Wednesday (10 January)


Part of Inn Deep’s outdoor section


On Wednesday we had a friend’s leaving do to go to which was in a favourite of mines, Inn Deep. Inn Deep has recently been renovated, and it’s always been a lovely little pub which offers a very good choice of beers and ciders (as well as other drinks, of course). It’s particularly nice in the summer when you can get a table outside with a nice view of Kelvinbridge and the river.

M had the 3 cheese mac’n’cheese and I had the chicken wings with some sweet potato fries. I’m a big chicken wing fan and so I was a bit disappointed with my dish – didn’t pack much flavour and the sweet potato fries were quite mushy, but M was very satisfied with his mac’n’cheese. I also tried it and it was indeed quite cheesy and therefore very tasty. Overall the food wasn’t anything special but it’s nice pub food to grab with some drinks. Other things on the menu included burgers, hot dogs, small dishes and other mains.

Overall cost: £24 (including a drink each), okay, but not great, value for money. Will we be back again? Yes, but probably more for drinks and the lovely atmosphere!

Note: it’s also a dog-friendly pub so you can bring your pupper!

Thursday (11 January)


Goat’s cheese salad


Third night out in a role is not usual for us. However, we had a lovely evening planned which included going to see The Nutcracker and grabbing a quick meal beforehand. We both love Cafe Hula, which is just across the road from Theatre Royal, so that’s where we decided to meet. I had the grilled goat’s cheese salad, with roast veggies and M had the burger. Cafe Hula offers a simple menu, great coffee and a very relaxed atmosphere. Their Goat’s Cheese Salad is probably one of my favourites salads to eat out. Other things on the menu include pasta dishes, stews, dips, and salads. They have great coffee and a selection of alcoholic drinks as well.

Overall cost: £23.50 (including a drink each), okay, but not great, value for money. Will we be back again? Yes!

Friday (12 January)


Hot Dog and Chips at Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen


I didn’t plan on going out on Friday night, but as it happens… I went out for a drink to catch up with a friend and.. ended up meeting more friends and going out in the West End. All 10, or so, of us ended up in Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen on Ashton Lane to refuel. Their menu included the typical pub choices – burgers, hot dogs, curry, fish & chips etc, which usually had delicious Innis & Gunn beer incorporated in the meal. Each dish also included a recommendation of what beer to order with it. Overall, I thought the atmosphere was good but we were quite unimpressed with the food. I had a hotdog, while others had the beef burger, chicken burger, another hot dog and curry. The burgers were dried and VERY well done. My hot dog was bland.

Overall cost: £14 – for me only, including a drink, not great value for money. Will I be back again? Not sure yet, I was hyped to try the new addition to Ashton Lane but wasn’t very impressed.

Saturday (13 January)


Breakfast for champions at Wilson Street Pantry


After my morning yoga class, I had arranged to meet a friend for brunch and catch up after the festive period. We agreed to meet at Wilson Street Pantry as we had both heard good things about the place. Usually, there is a wait for a table (especially everytime I’ve tried to go there for brunch in the weekend) but they also take reservations and I recommend making one if you plan on going there! We waited about 20 minutes for a table around 12pm. Worth it! Their coffee was delicious and selection of food and cakes mouthwatering. I had one of the specials: chorizo and chickpea ragu on sourdough with poached eggs, while my friend had the soup of the day (pea & mint) and a salted caramel cake. We were both very pleased with our choices and it Wilson Street Pantry certainly lived up to the hype!


Silky smooth coffee anyone?


Overal cost: £23 for two, including coffees & cake, good value for money. Will I be back again? Yes! Though I will definitely be making a reservation next time…

Well, that’s it, folks! My highlights of eating out this week. I hope you will try some of these places out and if you do, or have been there, let me know what you thought!