As those of you who follow the blog might recall, last week I started this new feature on my blog where I reflect and share my thoughts on the places I’ve visited over the week. Every week I will be aiming to write short and snappy reviews of restaurants and bars, which I hope, will help you discover somewhere new and exciting!

Thursday (18 Jan) – Dinner @ Six by Nico


First meal out this week was in the fantastic Six by Nico to celebrate my birthday. I’ve already blogged about the restaurant and have written a more extensive review which you can read here, so I’m not going to write too much about my visit here. However, for those of you who haven’t heard of Six by Nico yet, I will do a short summary. The idea is: six-course tasting menu around a specific concept, which changes every six weeks. It’s also very reasonably priced – at £25 per person, and addition £25 for matched drinks, it’s a really well priced fine dining experience. It’s certainly one of my favourite restaurants in Glasgow and I would definitely urge you to pay them a visit if you haven’t been!

Overall cost: £25 per head, food is fantastic quality and very good value for money; Will we be back again? Absolutely, can’t wait for the next menu which is coming out towards the end of February!

Friday (19 Jan) – Brunch @ TriBeCa Woodlands


On Friday, I took the day off from work to treat my mum to a day out in Glasgow. We thought we would start the day in style with a nice and filling brunch. There are a few TriBeCa restaurants in Glasgow and they offer tasty American scran. Think waffles, massive stack pancakes, NY-style French toast, and of course a full fry-up, as well as bagels, sandwiches, salads… and that’s just the brunch/lunch options. They also offer burgers, ribs, steaks… you get the picture – their menu and offering is really quite big, so there is something for everyone there. I had the full herd which was really quite a generous portion, and my mum had a bagel with jam, all washed down with coffee. The food was tasty, staff were lovely and service was quick, so we both left happy and with very full tummies.

Overall cost: £16 for the two of us, good value; Will we be back? Yes.

Saturday (20 Jan) – Dinner @ Bread Meats Bread


Bread Meats Bread is a favourite of mines ever since it opened in Glasgow a few years back. They have two restaurants in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh and specialise in Burgers, Hot Dogs and meat filled sandwiches. Even though their burgers were delicious when they first opened doors on St Vincent Street, I’m happy to see, that over the years they have grown and improved the food that they offer and have a truly delicious menu. We visited the City Centre shop which is quite small and unsurprisingly busy for a Saturday night. We had to wait for a table for 30 minutes, and even though there are three other burger joints within 2 minutes of BMB, it is still worth the wait. I had the Wolf of St Vincent Street (Delicious burger with pulled pork & nduja), while my sister had the Pastrami burger (also delicious) and my other half – the Korean-inspired Kim Yong Bun (which he said was ok, but not as good as other burgers on the menu). We also ordered the Raspoutine as a side dish – delicious poutine, with added bacon and cheese. If you want a good burger, this is where you need to go!

Overall cost: ~£40 for three people with a burger each, shared sides and few drinks each. Good value for money. Will we be back? Oh, yes!!!

Have you been to Six by Nico, TriBeCa or Bread Meats Bread? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!