It has been a great week for food and I’m pleased to be sharing with you some more info and thoughts on places I’ve visited in the last week which I think you will love or would want to know about! My week was busy as usual but it also involved catching up with a couple of friends over lunch at two of my favourite spots for quick and inexpensive lunches for busy office workers. I also had a work night out with my colleagues where we enjoyed burgers and cinema at a local Burger joint, and finished off by paying a visit to Glasgow’s two indoor street food markets (soon to be joined by PLATFORM, Glasgow’s third indoor street food market, which you can find from the 16th of Feb where  The Arches used to be). You can read all about the places I visited and my impressions of them below.

Wednesday – Lunch @ Panko

Panko is one of my favourite places for lunch near my office. They offer quick and inexpensive Japanese food and you can expect to find delicious katsu curry, teriyaki, gyoza and soup, as well as their signature chicken & noodle salad and sweet treats in the chiller cabinet. All dishes are priced at £5.50 – £6.80 and come in a very good portion size. The food is really tasty and just perfect for a more satisfying lunch. The joint is popular with office workers, and you can often see a queue of people waiting out the door. Well worth a visit! You may guess that I go there often… I usually go for a pork katsu curry or the chicken salad and love them both. Panko is also on my list of best places to get a lunch for less than a tenner in Glasgow’s city centre.

Panko’s Chicken Salad

Great value for money – you can get a decent sized lunch for under £7. Great location (close to central station). Will I be back? Yes, usually a couple of times a month!

Thursday – Burger and Cinema @ Handmade Burger Co

My work colleagues and I headed over to Handmade Burger Co for a movie night. I love a good burger and Glasgow has seen a boom of burger places over the past few years. HBC is hardly one of my favourites so I wouldn’t usually pay it a visit. It was good to go with colleagues and friends to give them another try and I really like the fact that they do have a wee movie screen in the upstairs area (3rd floor). The deal is: £25 pp (or £15 pp if you get their Itison deal) for a group of at least 10 people and you get a burger, a side (limited to chips and salad) and a soft drink, as well as private hire of the cinema (can hold about 15-20 people) and a popcorn machine all for your group. It’s actually a decent price (especially if you get the itision deal) and your group can select your film – they will get the DVD for you. The screen was a good size and the sound was okay, but not great. The burgers are okay and mediocre. If you are after a really good burger, then Glasgow has some really fantastic burger joints walking distance from HBC.


Popcorn machine at the Handmade Burger Co vintage cinema

Good value for money for the whole deal for burgers and cinema hire. Great central location. Will I be back? I would consider it for another social event, it is a fun thing to do with your friends/colleagues. However, I won’t be back just for the burgers on their own.

Friday – Lunch at Martha’s

Martha’s is another favourite of mine to grab an inexpensive but good quality, tasty and healthy lunch in Glasgow. Like Panko, it also made my ‘Top 10 for lunch in Glasgow’s city centre for under a tenner’ list. I love going there because I love Martha’s mission – when they opened a few years ago they wanted to offer tasty fast food which was also healthy. They have kept their menu more or less the same over the years, adding and removing things as they go along and according to the season, and you always know that you will get something really tasty which won’t break the bank (both money and calorie wise!). This time around I went for the chipotle chicken wrap, but I also would recommend their main boxes (which come with brown rice and Martha’s coleslaw), as well as their new lighter main boxes which are all under 500 calories and under a fiver (earlier this week I tried the chunky beef chilli one, it was pretty good)! I also love their smoothies which they will blend for you when you order.

Chipotle Chicken Wrap from Marhta’s

Great value for money: you can expect to buy a lunch for around £5 and if you add a drink/smoothie you will be looking at a £8 or so lunch. Will I be back? Yes, usually a couple of times a month J

Saturday – Street food @ The Big Feed

The Big Feed is Scotland’s largest indoor street food market and it’s held in Govan every few weeks. This weekend was the first time I made it over and I was really curious to see how it compared to the Dockyard Social which is a newer indoor street food market-based in Finnieston. A friend and I made our way there at 12pm just as it starts to avoid the long queues and big crowds. I was aware that last time the Big Feed was on, some of the street food trucks ran out of food and when it was at its most busy people also had to wait outside. Like with the Dockyard Social, there is £2 entry fee, there is live music and other performers during the day (I hear there was a magician this time too!). It is bigger than Dockyard with about twice the street food trucks and perhaps more entertainment. It also felt busier even at the very start at 12pm – there were already people queuing to get in when we arrived at 12 on the dot! However, I wasn’t grabbed by the atmosphere as much and I have to say that even though there were almost double the traders than the Dockyard, I actually didn’t enjoy the food as much.

From top left: chicken pieces in buffalo sauce, halloumi fries, duck spring rolls, beef wich, battered prawns and pulled pork burrito 

Between S and I, we tried about 2/3rds of the food traders and we both aimed to try traders we haven’t tried before. We had the following: Pulled pork burrito from BURRITO, a roast beef wich from The Prague Shack, halloumi fries from CHICK+PEA, battered prawns from ShrimpWreck, duck spring rolls from DUCK and chicken pieces with buffalo sauce from Street Food Putter Club. The Burrito was our favourite and easily one of the best I’ve eaten in Glasgow but overall we were underwhelmed by the food this time around. We both felt that the service and most of the traders wasn’t that great and the wait at points was long for street food. I really like what some of the traders do and it’s worth giving a special mention to the Prague Shack which offers Czech food, ShrimpWreck for seafood and BURRITO.

Value for money – okay, most dishes varied between £3 to £6 and we were generally happy with the portion sizes, though in some cases you will need a couple of dishes to be full. Will I be back? Probably, but I won’t be rushing to.

Sunday – Street food @ The Dockyard Social

S hadn’t been over to The Dockyard Social yet so we decided to try both the Big Feed and Dockyard this weekend. It was my second visit to the Dockyard Social and I was quite happy to be going back so soon. There were familiar faces and new traders this time around. The entry fee is £5 and you get a welcome drink on arrival (choice of cocktail, wine or beer). All food is £5 and we had to purchase tokens at the entrance. We arrived at 12 and were pretty much the first ones there, so again we managed to avoid the crowds.


From Top: Korelean cullen skink, fried chicken bao, waffle fries with beef brisket and lamb shawarma


Between the three of us, we had the following: Fried chicken bao from Chompsky; Korelean Cullen Skink from Ginger & Chilli, lamb shawarma from Shawarmarama, waffle fries topped with 16h cooked beef brisket, gravy and cheese curd from Abandon Chips (from Abandon Ship Apparel), pesto pasta from Naughty Italian and a falafel wrap from the vegan Freddy and Hicks. There was quite a big variety of the type of food on offer (which perhaps we didn’t feel so much at the Big Feed) and everything we had was excellent. The clear favourites for me were the Korelean Cullen Skink (great take on a Scottish classic), Chompsky’s baos and Abandon Chips’ waffle fries. Check out my previous “My Week in Food” for my thoughts on some of the other food traders there. Overall I feel that the atmosphere is The Dockyard Social is better, the venue is really hip and the street art is very cool. Chompsky made their last appearance with their food truck and famous baos for a while, while they are setting up Gnom but you can also find them in Broadcast!

Value for money – good, everything was £5 and the portion size was decent. Will I be back? Yes.

We finished off our Sunday with sever hours of boardgaming at our favourite Dice Roll Café which you can find at The Saramago fortnightly on a Sunday.

That’s all from this week. Do let me know if you’ve visited any of these places, or planning to, and what you thought!