Last week marked the opening of a new branch of one of my favourite Glasgow cafe’s – Tantrum Doughnuts. Without doubt, they make the best doughnuts in Glasgow so you should definitely pay them a visit in their Yorkill or Gordon St cafes. I also visited an old favourite of mine – The Tiki Bar – which specialises in all things rum, cocktails and Thai food. It was also the final weekend of the Six Nations so, of course, on Saturday we were headed to a pub to watch some of the final games… and, naturally, eat some food!

Thursday – Doughnuts @ Tantrum Doughnuts (City Centre)

Chocolate Mocha and Peanut Butter & Jam doughnuts at Tantrum Doughnuts on Gordon Street

I don’t have a particular love for doughnuts but I do like having one occasionally. However, I LOVE Tantrum Doughnuts. Their doughnuts are the best I’ve ever had for sure, and I don’t think you can get better ones elsewhere in Glasgow. So, when they announced a new shop in Glasgow’ city centre opening, I was VERY excited. It finally opened on Tuesday the 13th and it’s everything I hoped for and more. It has a bit more space for sitting down than their Yorkhill cafe, which is definitely a bonus. It’s also similar in atmosphere and decor to their first shop, keeping up with their style. My friend I had a coffee and a doughnut to mark the opening of the new shop. I had the Peanut Butter & Jam one while he had the Mocha Doughnut, however, there is plenty more to choose from. If you like doughnuts, I can’t recommend Tantrum Doughnuts high enough!

  • £££: Around £2 per doughnut, great value for money considering the good quality doughnuts.
  • Great for doughnut lovers and a quick coffee stop!

Thursday – Dinner @ The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn (City Centre)

Banana Fritters at The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn

I like The Tiki Bar. I’ve been going there every so often over the past few years. They offer really good cocktails, have a nice selection of rums and I love the atmosphere in the bar. However, the restaurant leaves a bit to be desired. I liked their menu the first time I ate there, about 4 years ago. I still like their menu but I can’t say I’m excited by it. The food is Thai so expect creamy curries and rice dishes. It’s nice enough, but Glasgow’s food scene has changed a lot and I don’t think the Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn have kept up with it very well. My friend and I both had different curries and also had a dessert each, but we were mostly impressed by the cocktails we were getting.

  • £££: Mains are around £11, and cocktails around £7.
  • Good for no-fuss Thai food and great for cocktails and rum lovers!

Saturday – Brunch @ Papercup (West End)

Vegan matcha pancake with fruit & soya yoghurt at Papercup

Papercup has been a solid favourite of mine for a couple of years now. It’s a tiny cafe in the West End but you can find thier coffee in quite a few cafes and restaurants in Glasgow. And their coffee is pretty good, in fact one of my favourites in Glasgow. Their wee cafe on Great Western Road is very cosy and staff are quite nice, but it is usually pretty busy! As for food, they have a small breakfast and lunch menu which is seasonal and changes frequently based on produce. I really do appreciate businesses that cook seasonal and local food. Moreover, I like the fact that I can taste a new dish/get excited about new food when I frequent a place… On the downside, it’s a bit of a shame when you really crave a specific dish but it’s no longer on the menu! As they say… you win some, you lose some! If you are walking around the West End I definitely recommend paying a wee visit to Papercup.

  • £££: Dishes range between £5-£8, very reasonably priced;
  • Good for brunch, coffee and lunch!

Saturday – Lunch @ Munro’s (West End)

Mac & Cheese at Munro’s

I used to live really near by Munro’s and it was my pub of choice near by. I still really like it. It’s not small but not massive either, the staff are really friendly and they offer nice pub grub. We decided to watch the end of the six nations there with friends while grabbing some food. They have a good selection of beers, so it’s a really good pub for the beer lovers. Their food is reasonably priced and really quite tasty. My other half had the Mac & Cheese, while I had the Steak & Ale pie, and our friends had nachos. The Mac & Cheese is the one to note from Munro’s. It was super creamy and cheesy and looked absolutely filthy on a plate (that’s a compliment when I use it for food). The pie was good as well, though not really a pie – more like stew with a pie crust on top. I didn’t try the nachos but they looked good too.

  • £££: Most main courses were around £8-10 so they are well priced.
  • Good for pub food and drinks (especially beer as they have a very good selection).

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this week’s food musings! Let me know if you have visited any of these places and what you think.