Eton Mess is an undisputed classic that can please everyone at the end of a meal. It’s also so easy to make, therefore, it gets a solid 10 for convenience, taste and presentation. You just can’t go wrong with it! You might ask, why mess with such a thing that’s quite so good already? If you ask me, every so often you should mess (excuse the pun) with the classics in order to produce new and inspiring flavours that surprise and excite! This Persian take on Eton Mess, adds the subtle flavour of rosewater and pistachio to the more traditional raspberries, meringues and cream. Recipe adapted (I used less cream as the quantities in the original recipe were too much in my opinion) from Olive magazine but it is originally from Sabrina Ghayour‘s Persiana cookbook.

Eastern Mess

Serves 6 | Takes 20 minutes | No cooking | Gluten-free, Vegetarian | Easy


You’ll need:
  • 400ml double cream;
  • 3 tbsp icing sugar;
  • 1tsp vanilla extract;
  • 1 tbsp rosewater;
  • 6 ready-made mini meringues or 3 regular, crushed + 6 mini meringues to serve ;
  • 300g raspberries;
  • a few basil leaves, shredded;
  • 50g pistachio nuts, slivers or chopped;
Raspberry sauce:
  • 225g raspberries;
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar (or a bit more, to taste);
  • 1 tbsp rosewater;
  • a squeeze of lemon juice.

First make the raspberry sauce. Mash the raspberries to a puree with the icing sugar, rosewater and lemon juice in a bowl until the mixture is completely smooth. Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove the raspberry seeds. Set aside.

Using an electric hand whisk, whip the double cream, icing sugar, vanilla and rosewater together in a mixing bowl until soft peaks form. You don’t want the cream to be too loose or too sift, so keep an eye on the consistency. This will take a few minutes. Mix the crushed meringues in the mix.

To serve, spoon the cream mix in six glasses or serving dishes. Top with the raspberries and a mini meringue in each glass. Drizzle the raspberry sauce over, then sprinkle with the pistachios and basil. Serve immediately.


Original recipe from Olive magazine, issue Summer 2014, original recipe available from The Sunday Times.