About Me


Thank you for visiting my blog! I opened this online space to share recipes from my kitchen to yours, and thus hopefully inspire your next meal. The idea behind the blog is simple – I share recipes I try at home as I’m cooking them on a regular basis. As you know, not every published recipe is great, so think of me as a bit of a filter. I’ll only share recipes that me and my family/friends who are eating with me really LOVE, so it should be really the best of the best. The recipes I share are really exactly what I’ve cooked at home and as I’m serving it (hence some more rustic photos here and there).

I’m also incredibly passionate about food so I share my musings on various food topics and things I’ve learned occasionally. That and thoughts on sustainability, zero-waste, being more green and some travel.

In a nutshell – this blog is all about real food and a one stop shop for some dining inspiration. While sometimes I upload my own recipes, often they are from books, magazines and chefs around me.

I hope you enjoy this blog and do say hello!