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About Me


I’m Emmy and I love food. I’m a keen cook, baker and eater (i.e. I want to justify my obsession with food). I created this blog because for years I have been cooking and experimenting with recipes that I have collected from cookbooks and cooking magazines. My collection is a little sad (depending on your perspective). Over the years I have collected/hoarder-ed over a 100 cooking magazines and quite a few cookbooks. Though sad this might look, I’m constantly inspired and challenge myself to experience new things in my kitchen. Over the years, I have carefully collected recipes which have passed my ‘quality’ test and saved them in my hand-crafted cookbook. Though I don’t have many original recipes of my own (yet) I know that the recipes in my make-shift cookbook are fantastic and can satisfy most tastes. I know this because those of my friends who have borrowed this little book of mine (note: it probably contains hundreds of recipes…) have absolutely loved it and in occasions did not want to give it back… So, here we are. I’m creating this blog because I often get asked for cooking ideas from friends and it’s time that I start sharing. But also because keeping things on paper is difficult, and I would very much like to have a digital record of the food I’ve made which has passed the ‘quality’ mark.

I intend to share what I cook with you at least once a week. You should expect to find a variety of food ideas from all corners of the world, bakes, lunch, dinner, office-eating, breakfast and brunch inspiration. I also intend to write about food I eat outside of home, so expect ramblings on Glasgow’s food scene too.

Finally, two things you should know. One, most of the recipes are not my own, so I will also share where I’ve grabbed them from and how good they are for value, time and taste. I would have pre-selected them and tried them myself so hopefully, everything you see should be at least very tasty! Two, the ‘quality test’ I mentioned earlier goes like this: “What did everyone think of this meal? Should I make it again?” If the answer is a unanimous ‘yes’ (usually I ask my family, but often friends and visitors, including me!) – the recipe is saved in the Folder.

I look forward to meeting you and reading your comments and experiences!

~Em                                         15621694_938216919644243_3249717199476173584_n