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Chilli & garlic trout with citrus salad

This trout is so simple yet absolutely delicious. This recipe is a perfect example that you don't need to overcomplicate food and use just a couple of ingredients to create a fantastic flavour. The fillets of good quality trout are just perfectly seasoned with a bit of chilli and garlic. The citrus salad is a really… Continue reading Chilli & garlic trout with citrus salad

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Chickpea, pepper and tomato curry

I found this recipe in an old Olive Magazine, issue March 2015, and have been meaning to try it for a while. I have a soft spot for quick curry recipies which use a lot of veggies and are perhaps a bit healthier and lighter than heavier coconut based or meaty curries. This particular recipe… Continue reading Chickpea, pepper and tomato curry

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Smoked salmon & cream cheese linguine

I won't claim this pasta dish to be an Italian classic or anything, but it certainly hits the spot for me. Pasta dishes should be simple, easy and quick to cook, which makes this dish perfect for a mid-week dinner. This pasta dish includes one of my favourite combinations - smoked salmon &  cream cheese.… Continue reading Smoked salmon & cream cheese linguine

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Bulgarian Beef Kurban Chorba (Soup)

Kurban Chorba is a Bulgarian soup of Turkish origin. It refers to a chunky soup of boiled meat, usually beef or lamb. It's a very filling and warming soup which was just perfect for the "Snowmaggedon" days in Glasgow where the whole city was pretty much closed for a day and a bit. As I… Continue reading Bulgarian Beef Kurban Chorba (Soup)

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Speedy Pepper & Black Bean Chilli

This week is all about quick mid-week dinners which also double as perfect lunches the following day. As it happens, the second recipe this week is also vegetarian and if you don't add the cheese - can be vegan too. I got the recipe from a Waitrose recipe card and it's packed with flavour, slightly… Continue reading Speedy Pepper & Black Bean Chilli