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Chilli Bean Enchiladas

I love messy Mexican feasts, I really do. These veggie enchiladas were tasty, filling and very satisfying. Served with freshly mashed avocado (you can upgrade this for proper guacamole), some hot sauce and pickled jalapenos for a proper Mexican style dinner. More with beans: Summer Pork, Fennel and Beans; Chipotle black bean chilli with guacamole;… Continue reading Chilli Bean Enchiladas

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Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi

As someone who has never made any kind of gnocchi before,  I found this recipe to be very easy even if you are a newbie in the process like me. These aren't the traditional potato gnocchi that you might be familiar with, though I have to say they were just as satisfying. These were a… Continue reading Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi

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Rachel Roddy’s Sausages with red onions and grapes

We are deep into autumn now and I found Rachel Roddy's take on sausages and mash to be really satisfying in one of those crisp cold evenings. I wasn't sure about the combination of grapes in this sausage stew but they really worked quite well, adding a bit more sweetness to the caramelised onions. This… Continue reading Rachel Roddy’s Sausages with red onions and grapes

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Menemen with peppers and feta

Menemen is a Turkish dish which is very similar to a Bulgarian dish called Mish-Mash. Fair bit of Bulgarian cuisine is inspired by Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine so it's hardly surprising. The main ingredients are onions, tomatoes, peppers and eggs. While the finished version doesn't look the most appealing, it is indeed really tasty, especially… Continue reading Menemen with peppers and feta

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Asparagus with lemon & hazelnut crumb

Asparagus are just coming into season in the UK and I thought this is the perfect time to share this delicious easy side dish. Cooking with asparagus is fairly new to me as I didn't really eat them until about a year ago. I am really pleased that I decided to try them again and… Continue reading Asparagus with lemon & hazelnut crumb