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Pigs in blankets

Pigs in blankets are a MUST at Christmas dinner and I, for one, cannot get enough of them. This version uses pancetta instead of bacon, which is cured in a slightly different way and is a little more fatty. You can easily use streaky bacon if your prefer, of course. I’ve swapped the date nectar… Continue reading Pigs in blankets

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Cranberry & clementine sauce

This sauce is perfect for your Christmas dinner, whether you are having Turkey or something else. It will go really well with most meats or vegetarian festive dishes. It can also be made ahead in advance, if you want to get ahead. Cranberry & clementine sauce Serves 8-10 | Prep 5 mins | Cook 20… Continue reading Cranberry & clementine sauce

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Help yourself brunch for a crowd

With Christmas holidays looming, you may well find yourself with lots of family and friends around and having to be prepared not only for dinners and lunches, but breakfasts too. Personally, I'm quite happy with any excuse for a brunch! These recipes are perfect for a no-fuss brunch were everyone can just help themselves to… Continue reading Help yourself brunch for a crowd

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Beetroot, potato and horseradish gratin

In my previous post, I mentioned the cookathon I had to do because I accidentally defrosted a bunch of different meats and ended up having lots of good friends over for dinner to help us eat it all. We needed some sides to go with it all and I used the opportunity to dig out… Continue reading Beetroot, potato and horseradish gratin

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Chicken & Squash Tagine

I am writing this as I'm eating last night's squash curry and I really can't help but share my love for all things pumpkin and squash in this season. It is just so versatile and goes so well with a big array of dishes and spices in general. So in spirit of my current craving… Continue reading Chicken & Squash Tagine