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Kimchi omelette sandwich

Stay with me here. Yes, eggs, cheese and kimchi are GREAT together. These sandwiches make for a decent brunch or lunch and you'll find them quite filling too. This one is from a Waitrose magazine promotional insert and I've made some small changes in the recipe. At home, I doubled to serve 2! More with… Continue reading Kimchi omelette sandwich

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Beetroot, potato and horseradish gratin

In my previous post, I mentioned the cookathon I had to do because I accidentally defrosted a bunch of different meats and ended up having lots of good friends over for dinner to help us eat it all. We needed some sides to go with it all and I used the opportunity to dig out… Continue reading Beetroot, potato and horseradish gratin

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Pears baked with Marsala, brown sugar and vanilla

Poached pears are one of the things that define autumn for me. A warm and comforting dessert, perfect for the cold autumn days. This recipe is from Waitrose magazine and it uses Comice pears, but it will work well with other types too. The pears are very aromatic and delicious served with a little cream… Continue reading Pears baked with Marsala, brown sugar and vanilla

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Roast pumpkin, sage and taleggio risotto

If you follow my instagram page you may have seen that I've started a new cooking challenge, for myself and for those who follow me. Every few weeks I will be asking my followers to give me an ingredient to cook with. I then use the ingredient to make something from scratch without the help… Continue reading Roast pumpkin, sage and taleggio risotto

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Apple and Plum Jam

I've recently started to give jam making a try. I've always thought that it is quite complex, and that having specific equipment is a must. This is the second jam I tried making and I've already learned that it isn't that hard... You just need to understand fruit a bit, and if you don't -… Continue reading Apple and Plum Jam