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Meera Sodha’s Courgette & Chickpea Dal

Funny story. When I made this Dal from The Guardian's Feast magazine last week I thought "Wow, that's an incredibly hot dish..." and wondered about the quantities of spices inside. I eat a lot of spicy food but this was very near killing off the other flavours! I almost was about to blame the recipe… Continue reading Meera Sodha’s Courgette & Chickpea Dal

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Griddled courgette, pine nut and mozzarella salad

You may get the idea that my griddle pan is getting well used this summer. And that's exactly how it should be! By now I've griddled countless aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, pork chops, steaks and lamb cutlets... And everytime, it's incredibly simple and easy food that just tastes amazing. All of those dishes have something in… Continue reading Griddled courgette, pine nut and mozzarella salad

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Courgette, chilli and basil pizzas

This flatbread pizza idea from Olive magazine went down a treat at home when I tried it a couple of months ago. Courgettes are still in season, so this recipe should give you an interesting idea on how to make a quick and easy vegetarian flat bread pizza, bursting with flavour. When it comes to… Continue reading Courgette, chilli and basil pizzas