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Herb-Marinated Grilled Sea Bass

Grilled fish is without doubt the best way (ok... my favourite way) to eat fish. The fish retains it's flavour, it's lovely and juicy and it just tastes perfectly fresh. This dish is perfect for summer - it's light, but filling and the fish is so tasty it needs just a simple side salad or… Continue reading Herb-Marinated Grilled Sea Bass

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Harissa crusted salmon with chickpea salad

This recipe worked out so much better than I thought. When I first had a look at it in an old BBC Good Food issue I really didn't think all that much of it. But On a night where I needed something speedy and efficient I gave it a go and boy! Was I taken… Continue reading Harissa crusted salmon with chickpea salad

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Sprout & nigella seed stir-fry

I’m not a big sprout fan. I’d usually always give them a miss in my Christmas dinner (or any other time really). However, even I must admit that cooking them as per this Waitrose magazine recipe worked rather well. Stir-frying them in lemon juice, garlic, onions and nigella seeds gave them lots and lots of… Continue reading Sprout & nigella seed stir-fry

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Fish and root vegetable tagine

Tagine is a pot used traditionally in Moroccan and Egyptian cooking. It's also a type of 'dish'. Usually mixing fruit along with savoury flavours and fragrant spices. I couldn't eat enough tagine dishes when I was in Morocco so naturally, I brought back a Tagine pot with me to Glasgow. I love any opportunity to… Continue reading Fish and root vegetable tagine

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Quick spinach, sweet potato and coconut stew + bonus Korma Paste recipe

This is a super easy recipe from Waitrose magazine which is perfect for a quick meal this winter. It's warming, filling and not at all heavy. I love the amount of vegetables inside! It makes for a fantastic meal for two (though the original recipe says it is for four) and it's vegan and gluten-free!… Continue reading Quick spinach, sweet potato and coconut stew + bonus Korma Paste recipe